Whitetail Deer Hunting:
What To Do On Windy Days?

There will always be a certain percentage of days during deer hunting season where the wind will blow hard.  You can use this to your benefit if you can understand the deer's senses and patterns.

If the wind is blowing 10 MPH or more, quite often the wind changes direction and is swirling.  The branches are moving, leaves are blowing and the ambient noise level is up.  To understand how this affects the deer - take a friend outside on a windy day and try to talk to each other just a few yards apart.  It's very hard to hear any details when the wind is blowing.

The windy days reduces two of the deer's primary senses - smell and hearing.  The deer understand this and quite often will just bed down in cover and wait for the winds to die down.  Other times they may just stay in heavy cover where the wind effects are reduced.   You might find them deep in heavy woods or even in tall corn stalks.

If you like to stalk then a windy day may be your best time to do so.  Any light noises you make will be covered up by the wind and quite often the blustery wind will not be effective in carrying any scent from you. 

They have to eat eventually - so you might position yourself near a feeding area or food plot.  If they've been secluded for most of the day then there's a good change they'll come out in the late afternoon to feed.

So - use the wind to your advantage.  Knowing deer have reduced senses in the wind gives you the benefit.


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All the best with your hunting,

Charlie Hicks

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